Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy Vision Apps Tech

Vision Apps Tech is committed to providing all Android applications available on smartphone devices and tablets ("Services"). Vision Apps Tech respects the privacy of your information on the internet and ensures to protect your own personal privacy. This privacy policy applies to all smart-phone mobile apps offered by Vision Apps Tech. This policy governs the manner in which Vision Apps Tech collects, uses, maintains and discloses information collected from users (each, a User) of the Services offered by Vision Apps Tech. This policy is better to help you understand how and why we collect, use, and protect the information, please read the following Privacy Policy.

Why we need to collect information & How is Collect:

when user used our applications, then our applications collected Information automatically and Pro-grammatically for the running purpose of application, but not save or share your personal information.
Vision Apps Tech may collect and use Users personal information to perform the following purposes:
o improve customer service (Provide your Information helps us to improve customer service requests and support needs more efficiently.)
To improve our Site (users feedback or suggestion can be used to improve our products and services.)
To send important emails (We may need to use the email address to send User application information and updates. This permission may also be used to respond to their questions, inquiries, and/or question requests. If User decides to opt-in to our mailing list, they will receive emails that may include related product, updates, company news, or service information, etc.)
Purpose of Information Collection:
1 Personal information is used to feedback, suggestion, and replies to you when you contact through a communication channel. Like Email & Facebook etc.
2 Non-personal information is used for different research purposes, more customization, and improvement of our site/App.
3 Personal Information like Device IP, location, country code, is used for the advertisement and stop the irrelevant Ads.
We may also collect the following information
• An IP address; Current location; Country code;
• International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFAs), IDFVs, Advertising IDs;
• Mobile Language; Location (For the specific location where a given language is spoken);
• Device Time zone, session start/stop time,
• Device Network status (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, mobile data, etc.), different browser plug-in types and versions, etc.
• The platform, Latest SDK version, User agent string (UA), timestamp;
• All apps installed;
• Technical information of Device (like device name and model, IMEI number, operating system and version, CPU information, firmware, software, mobile phone carrier, storage size, screen size, Internet service provider, International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) on Android, Android ID, Android Serial No and API key identifier for application);

Explain permissions in our Applications:

Permission Request:
For our services, we may collect, store and use the following Information related to you:

1. Read phone status and identity

We use this permission to verify the user mobile IMEI information and recognize call name which is used to display incoming/outgoing calls. But we will not store it.

2. Take pictures and videos

We use this camera permission to use your device’s camera turn ON/OFF, to take photos/videos and Camera Flash in photo and camera related applications.

3. Location

We use this location permission to identify and display your exact location on the map through GPS and we use google maps services for location and route navigation service. This information used to our services trying to improve our services and to respond to customer preferences, desires, location customization, and including language, personalized help, and instructions, all data are anonymous.

4. Read your contacts

This Permission is necessary to access contact information is used to display caller name for you

5. Access Storage (SD Card)

These permissions used to access your storage for save photo and video files in your mobile gallery

6. Find accounts on the devices

This permission is helpful to confirm the state of Google Service and provide users with appropriate application download and update methods. We do not save your account information for another purpose

7. Change network connectivity

We use this permission to change/check network connectivity with Wi-Fi or mobile data.

8. Connect and disconnect from Wi-Fi

This permission is necessary to check is internet connection connect and disconnect from Wi-Fi during to installation or usage of application

9. Draw over other apps

This permission used to auto display a view as a floating window on other apps which need your permission.This permission used to auto display a view as a floating window on other apps which need your permission.

10. Modify system settings

We use this permission to adjust vibration, ringtone, and brightness level of the screen.

11. Photos ⁄ Media ⁄ Files

If we need to read this data, we will inform you and get your authorization. We used this permission to auto save and download in your mobile for the best game and app performance.

12. Error Log

This permission used to find out the reason that app crashed, the error occurred and improve the quality of the product;

13. Measure app storage space:

This permission is compulsory and to maintain device storage space to install & run the application & games.

Changes to this privacy policy

Vision Apps Tech can change or update our privacy policy at any time. when we need to update our policies due to some more permissions or extension in our service.

Your acceptance of these terms

By using our services, you will bound to this privacy policy & give permission for accurate performance & compulsory to maintain your application & smartphones. We do not use your personal data & disclosure of your information and data in accordance with its terms

Third Party Ads Services:

We may disclose your non personal information to third party advertisement providers Admob, Startapp, Heyzap & etc, for ads purposes. They may IP address, collect country code, language, OS version for ads providing. All these ad networks have their own advertising privacy policy and term of services. Users can read their privacy policy on their sites.